Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016


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Grivel International Running Team

After the legendary “Reparto Corse”, the international team of ice climbing who has again won the IWC World Cup (ice climbing circuit racing competitions) and who had once participated in the demonstration event in Sochi, Grivel, is now all set for a new business venture: an International Team of Trail Running.

Grivel is the sponsor of Tor des Geants for the past five years.

“This adventure started a bit like a game which essentially brought us in close contact with the world of Trail Running, where we discovered that there is no need to be “crazy” alpinists to go up in the mountains... one can fall in love with the mountain even by running along its paths ... that while one learns that running is a way of life... a way of being… that there is solidarity among people both known or meeting for the first time... in short, we have evolved to understand the world of passion, hard work and enthusiasm”

As well as this year, we have decided to put together a group of "specials" people who share their love for mountains with us and have that unrelenting enthusiasm for what they do innate in their DNA structure.

Pablo Criado Toca, from Santander, Spain,  is our veteran, our friendship with him by now is many years old now. We entered into collaboration with him to develop new products for Trail Running. His sports background is impressive and his sympathy wins everyone.... And the Anchovies delicacies that he brings for his friends are the most delicious in the world!

From this year, his wife, Ana too will become a part of our team. She is a supporting educator for people with mental disabilities. Running and reading history books are her major hobbies followed by painting and traveling. She is hyperactive and wants to stay outdoors. She always carries her good luck charm in her racing backpacks, which she believes helps her in crossing the finish line.

Giuseppe Grange, a genuine Courmayereun, doc. a man of few words but many facts. When everyone seems to be having fun on the ski slopes of Courmayeur Mont Blanc cable cars, the credit for the same goes to him. In fact, in the winters, he does the role of a director for the slopes and in the summers... for racing! Moreover, he strenuously defends the colors of Courmayeur.

Nick Hollon from San Diego, California... very young... only 23 years old, he began racing at the age of 17 after watching his dear friend fight against cancer. In order to collect money for his friend’s treatment, he ran for good 100 miles (150 kilometers) along a trail. And now after 6 years, his friend is much better and he has become a racer by profession... while trying to trespass the human limit. He likes to take up racing challenges in which only a few people are able to make it owing to the extreme conditions, and he always wants to test his ability and put himself to the same level as that of those few racers who have managed to reach at the long distance running. Last year, he ran at Tor and attained the 6th rank, now he is looking forward to come back here among all his friends ​​in Courmayeur.

From Corsica, we have Cedric Therin: age 39 years, height 1.74 mt and weight 67 kg.... he calls himself a small mouflon of Calvi who spends his time on the gr20, he loves ultra races, Tecnica mountain technique and the steep slopes and adventures, but mainly loves to share and … savors the fine wine! He has been running since last 4 years only and just a year back he started participating in the ultra races... his plan is to run in the best races in the world.  “And I'm very proud to be a part of the Grivel family ... On for grand adventures”

The last entry is the legendary Sonia Glarey of Cogne. An herbalist with a passion for running. Her love for the mountains is what led her to be a part of the Team Grivel.

Here's what they wrote about her when she was about to cross the finish line of the last year’s Tor race:

“Sonia did not budge. She ran her Tor, unstoppable, never gave up. Clear eyes, vision focused on the goal …..”

All of our athletes are enrolled at the ASD Courmayeur Trailers which has now become a reference point for the runners of the valley, nevertheless local or a tourist.  It has approximately 200 members ... enthusiastics! ASD Courmayeur Trailers was formed in the year 2006, it collaborated with companies organizing national and international competitions/events such as the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, the Grantrail Valdigne and the Grantrail Courmayeur.

To give an even better service to its team, Grivel has signed a collaboration agreement with Technos Medica of Aosta, a medical team that delivers high-quality performance in the diagnostic sector.


This year we are proud to introduce 2 new backpacks and 2waist packs dedicated to Trail Running as our novelties:
Mountain Runner, Mountain Runner Comp, Single Barrel, Double Barrel.
These models have been developed with the assistance and collaboration of our runners’ team and have been added to the sticks “Tor des Géants”. By now they are termed as the classic product of Grivel.