Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016

Tor des Geants

10th Anniversary edition

330 km - 24000m D+

6-15, September 2019


“Near a hamlet called Saint-Oyen,
nature started to grow less austere […]
I was happy to the utmost”

Hidden in the heart of the Upper Great St. Bernard Valley, Saint-Oyen is at the foot of the Combe de Bosses, amidst the green pastures and flourishing conifer woods described poetically by Stendhal in The Life of Henri Brulard.

The village, which was the birthplace of the mystic Jean-Antoine Pellissier, still preserves the original of the Ancient Herbarium of Saint-Oyen. Those who love animals should not miss the park Gîte des chevreuils (‘roedeer’s den’). From an architectural point of view, the twelfth century church is also worth visiting, as well as the Verdun castle, which dates back to the eleventh century and is used as a guest house.


Action Saint-Oyen

Excursions not to be missed during the summer months are those to Plan Puitz, Tête de Barasson and Combe de Flassin.I In the winter months the area is famous for cross-country skiing, for which the most important site is Flassin.

The Flassin snowpark is a recreation centre and playground for both adults and children; it is natural ski run is fitted out for bobs and sledging races.

Cross-country skiing at 360°: in the Flassin accommodation facilities, cross-country skiers will find their paradise, with the modern Cross-country Skiing Foyer offering showers, locker rooms, ski competition office and ski school.