Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016

Tor des Geants

10th Anniversary edition

330 km - 24000m D+

6-15, September 2019

VDA Trailers

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The VALLE D'AOSTA TRAILERS was set up to promote, organise outdoor sports activities.
It is a non-profit organisation, and all money raised from its activities is invested back into sport.
The VDA Trailers ssdrl have organised various events, such as:

- Gran Trail Courmayeur: 30km, 2000D+ / 55km, 3800D+ / 105km, 6600D+ (

- Arrancabirra: 19 km, 1600D+ (

- Winter Eco Trail by Night: 13km, 1500D+ (

For the organising the events VDA Trailers collaborates with the ASD Courmayeur Trailers.