Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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Cretaz (Valtournenche) - Rifugio Magià

Dati percorso: 
km 17,8 km prog 258,4 D+ 1949 m D- 1465 m

On leaving the base of life, cross the regional road and take the path towards the bridge over the Marmore stream. Follow the road to Valmartin (1510 m) where the trail leading to the hydroelectric plant starts. You reach the pasture of Falegnon (1914 m) and continue halfway up the valley until you reach the artificial barrier of Cignana. Climb up to the dam and the Barmasse refuge (2175 m). Refreshment and control point. Continue on the dirt road and take the path that leads to the Cortinaz Damon mountain pasture (2097 m). Continue slightly downhill to the path on the right that goes up to the Ersaz Dessous mountain pasture (2135 m) and to the Fenetre d'Ersaz pass (2293 m).

TOR130 - Tot Dret

From Fenetre d'Ersaz go down along the path number ex13 until you reach the locality Loditor (wetland 1970m). Take the dirt road to the left and continue until a short path on the left near a hairpin bend. The path leads to the mountain pasture of Cortod, from which another farm road starts again, which first crosses the road n. 6 and then continue up to the Ru of Verrayes. Continue along the Ru to the locality of Gordza (1952m). Refreshment and control point.
From Gordza continue on trail 9/105 to Col Fenetre (2162 m). We then descend towards the Magià Hut, initially following path 17 up to the intersection with n 1B leading to the refuge.

Tor des Gèants 

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Champoluc - Cretaz Valtournenche
km 17,0 km progr. 240,5 D+ 1505 m D- 1566 m
Rifugio Magià - Oyace
km 18,0 km progr. 276,0 D+ 1432 m D- 2092 m