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Endurance Trail 450, 330, 130 e 30km 10-219 September 2021




Donnas - Sassa

Dati percorso: 
km 13,5 km prog 166,4 D+ 1937 m D- 888 m

Leaving the base of life, take the asphalt road to the right and after about 150 meters turn left to the "Strada delle vigne". At the top, near the town of Ronc-Cretaz, leave the road on the right to take a mule track that descends to the hamlet of Bosc. From here we take the asphalt road and reach Pont-Saint-Martin. Go along the whole central road and, after crossing the bridge, turn left to cross the historic stone "Roman bridge" above. After 50 meters, turn right to a stairway and reach the "Castello Baraing". From here, with a short descent on the asphalt road, the clear trail will then be taken to the right again and you will start climbing again. When you reach a signal pole, turn left onto path 8, direction "Bosc dessus". From here, take the paved road back to the plain and reach the church "Notre-Dame de la Garde", a point of rejoining with Alta Via n.1. After a short ascent, descend to the capital of Perloz (663 m). Refreshment and control point. You pass near the church and take the "Chemin de la Paroy" up to the Moretta Bridge which crosses the Lys stream. After the bridge, at the junction, take the small road on the left that leads to Tour d'Hereraz (586 m).
After a few meters you reach the regional asphalted road, to be covered for about 150 meters up to Barmette, then to Remondin. In front of the chapel you take a beautiful mule track up to the asphalt road, you follow it for a hairpin bend and then take the dirt road on the left that crosses the woods. Continue alternating path and road up to the chapel of Santa Margherita. Continue to the right towards Granges and for a path you arrive at the village of Moline (1386m) and Sassa (1433M). Refreshment and control point.

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