Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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The route will run along the Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2 of the Valle d'Aosta, with the start and finishing line in Courmayeur, and will cover a total of around 336km (200 miles), with an altitude range of 24,000 metres. The landscape at the foot of the region’s Four-Thousanders makes the route especially spectacular.
Along the route there will be a number of rest, rescue and refreshment points, as well as seven larger bases that will divide the route up into seven sectors:
  • Courmayeur – Valgrisenche:                 50 km 4747 D+
  • Valgrisenche – Cogne:                          58 km 5082 D+
  • Cogne – Donnas:                                  45 km 2698 D+
  • Donnas – Gressoney St Jean:              54 km 6086 D+
  • Gressoney St Jean – Valtournenche:   33 km 3187 D+
  • Valtournenche – Ollomont:                   48 km 4904 D+
  • Ollomont – Courmayeur:                      50 km 4210 D+
Rescue points: checkpoints where runners can call for rescue and receive help. Where necessary, mobile bivouacs may be set up to provide shelter for runners and volunteers in the event of unfavourable weather conditions or other difficulties.
Refreshment points, where food and drink will be supplied. The location and organisation of these points has been studied in such a way as to facilitate assistance and access to supplies.
Bases, where assistance and medical care will be provided by doctors and nurses for all those who intend to continue with the race, with emergency treatment guaranteed. Rest area will be set aside within the bases, and these will become intermediate finishing lines for runners who do not intend to complete the race.
Safety and transport
Each rescue, refreshment and water point is also a checkpoint for runners, whose times are recorded.
A radio link will be set up between the various checkpoints and the operations centre in Courmayeur, in order to monitor runners as they pass through. A safety runner service will be available at the end of the race.
From every refreshment, rescue and first aid point a service will operate to take runners back to the nearest base and from there to the centre of Courmayeur.
Timing and checks
Each runner will be provided with a wristband with an ID chip, which will be read by an aerial as they pass through each checkpoint. This information is then sent via internet to the central server to allow the progress of the race to be monitored. The times may be viewed on the race website so the progress of the runners can be viewed during the race.