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The 2019 races calendar between confirmations and news

Tue, 06/11/2018 - 19:57 -- motta.erica

Two races in winter, five in summer and one in autumn: 8 trails from 6 to 450km, from February to October. There is really something for all tastes, distances, skills, intentions, seasons.

The first one will be the Arrancaslimba in February 23th in Flassin (Grand Saint Bernard Valley) in collaboration with Les Bières du Grand Saint Bernard, a non-competitive goliardic race on a 6km ring to be tackled strictly in pairs, tied up, on mountaineering or cross country sky, crampons or snowshoes. The race is twinned to the famous Arrancabirra® which will close the VDA Trailers calendar in October, with the registration opening as usual on 1st of June.

The winter program continues with the Courmayeur Winter Eco Trail by Night (13 km - 1500 d +) on 9th March at 18.00, a night race on snow along the slopes of the ski resort of Courmayeur, with departure and arrival in Dolonne.

The Gran Trail Courmayeur is confirmed the second weekend of July with the 3 classic distances of 30/55/105KM on the paths of Val Ferret and Val Veny, a technical and at the same time breathtaking race. Great expectation therefore for the opening of the inscriptions from every part of the globe, the GTC in fact has reached over the years an important notoriety at the international level, attracting athletes from 36 nations.

Registration for these three races will open on the portal on November 15th 2018 at 12.00

But the most oustanding news are those that go under the TOR brand:

The Tor des Géants®, in its "classic" version, the most loved and the most sought after, determined to celebrate its decennial style in great style, will be anticipated two days before with the start of Tor des Glaciers,  a new competition which will be run along the paths of alte vie 3 and 4. The distance will be a total of 450 km and 32000 m D+, which will only grind athletes with great physical and mental strength and above all with a perfect knowledge of high mountain environments.
A very long race, therefore, but there will also be a very short one, the Tor du Malatrà, 30 km to be welded in just one day. Runners will pass through the narrow panoramic passage of the famous Col Malatrà, almost at 3000 meters, experiencing the same emotions of who is about to end the TOR.
News in sight also for the 130 km race that traditionally starts from Gressoney at dark and to get to Courmayeur within 44 hours, which changes its name: no more Tot Dret but Tor Dret, to better conform to the spirit of the great competition.

"They will be very busy days, especially at the organizational level, but we liked to do something new and special to celebrate the 10 years of the TOR", they say in VDA Trailers. "The races added mean more people in circulation, so a greater knowledge of the Valle d'Aosta throughout the world and the opportunity to introduce new forgotten paths. ".

The regulations of the new TOR circuits and the procedures for registering the VDA Trailers races will soon be published on the website and on the websites of the individual events.

Official calender:

Arrancaslimba, Saturday 23th February 2019

6 km - Start in Flassin, at 18.30
Registration from 15th Novembre, at 12.00 -

Courmayeur Winter Eco Trail by Night, Saturday 9th March 2019

13 km - 1500m D+ - Start in Dolonne, at 18.00
Registration from 15th Novembre, at 12.00 -

Gran Trail Courmayeur, Saturday 13rd and Sunday 14th July 2019

30 km - 2000 m D+ - Start Saturday 13rd July, at 9.00 - Courmayeur

55 km - 4700 m D+ - Start Saturday 13rd July, at 7.00 - Courmayeur

105 km - 7000 m D+ - Start Saturday 13rd July, at 7.00 - Courmayeur

Registration from 15th Novembre, at 12.00 -

Tor des Géants® - 10° edition - 6th/15th September 2019

Tor des Glaciers - 450 km - 32000 mt D+ - Start Friday 6th September - Courmayeur

Tor des Géants® - 330 km - 24000 m D+ - Start Sunday 8th September, at 12.00 - Courmayeur

Tor Dret - 130 km - 12000 m D+ - Start Tuesday 10th September, at 21.00 - Gressoney

Tor du Malatrà - 30 km - 3000m D+  Start Saturday 14th September - Saint Rhémy en Bosses
Pre registration and registration  from 1st February 2019, at 12.00 -

Arrancabirra® - Saturday 5th October 2019

18 km - 1400 m D+ - Start  Saturday 5th October, at 10.00 - Courmayeur
Registration from 1st June 2019, at 12.00 -