Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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Giuliano Cavallo wins TOR130 – Tot Dret with a record-breaking time

Wed, 11/09/2019 - 23:50 -- motta.erica

Many twists, particularly in the first part of the race, but TOR130 – Tot Dret is finally won by Giuliano Cavallo. The athlete of Team Salomon – Courmayeur Trailers has always maintained the first positions, fighting with Henri Grosjacques and Dino Melzani (both retired in Oyace), and then flew to Courmayeur, arriving in 23h01’25” which marks the record of the race, finally under the 24 hours.
Cavallo comes after Cesare Clap and Marco Mangaretto: last year he quit in Bosses when he was battling closely with Mangaretto himself. This year he got a third place at K113 Scenic Trail, but has a good feeling with Valdigne trails: a victory at Licony in 2018, two second places at Gran Trail Courmayeur 105 km and four victories in a row in the shortest races – between 2013 and 2016 – in the competition organized by VDA Trailers. He also got a prestigious third place in 2016 CCC.
"It has been hard”, he said in an emotional voice. “I did not know if I would make it, I did not go on holiday to prepare, stealing time to my family, also because I was injured in June and I only could train on the bicycle. I wanted to be at the end, I could have pushed more but I learned from last year’s mistake, when I started too fast. I am sorry for the withdrawals of the others, in the slopes I was doing very well”.
In second place, at the moment, Michael Dola, followed by Marco Bethaz, both distant one hour and a half from Cavallo but one minute one to the other at Frassati. Marina Cugnetto is increasing her advantage over Marie Berna and Ana Cristina Constantin: at Ollomont, she was leading, respectively, by 50 minutes and 1h45.

TOR X, on the podium positions also Galen Reynolds and Danilo Lantermino
In the afternoon the podium positions of TOR X have been defined, with the arrivals of Canadian Galen Reynolds, few minutes after 6 p.m. (77h06’12”) and of Danilo Lantermino, at 7.09 p.m. in 79h09’49”.
Reynolds got close to the victory for the second year in a row, surrendering only in front of Oliviero Bosatelli, aso because of some physical problems, mainly at the lungs and legs. The athlete of Team Montane, 35 years old, crossed the finish line smiling, waited by his wife and two kids. “Bosatelli? I asked him to wait for me for a coffee, but he did not”, he joked, touched and happy for a splendid second place.
The real surprise of the day is Danilo Lantermino, a third place conquered at the end, when he overcame Romain Olivier, facing big trouble between Col du Malatrà and Courmayeur. In the last 20 km the Italian running for ASD Valle Vairata, 38 years old, deleted the delay from Olivier, about 1h30 at Frassati, in the afternoon. “I knew that Romain was struggling at Malatrà, and at Bertone I was third: I am sorry for him, he did a great race”, he said.

Luca Papi sees the light at the end of Tor des Glaciers
“Only” 70 km to the end of Luca Papi’s journey in the 450 km of Tor des Glaciers. The Italian has 20 km of advantage on Richard Victor, leading over Masahiro Ono. Marina Plavan is still first of the women.