Tor des Geants® - Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 - TOR30

Endurance Trail 450, 330, 130 e 30km 10-219 September 2021




Identity confirmation

Mon, 09/09/2013 - 13:04 -- Visitatore (not verified)

The organisation of the Tor des Géants®, after forensic verifications comunicates officially the identity of the participant deceased last night during the descend from the Colle of Crosatie in direction of the Lac du Fond.
It's YUAN YANG, pectoral nr.1040 born in 1970 ,Chinese nationality. The athlete has deceased after a fatal incident for concussion.
His emergency contact, mandatory for all participants, has been immediately informed.


Tor des Géants®巨人之旅举办方,按照严格的医疗和法律程序进行了调查,正式通告昨天夜间在去往Valgrisenche方向,在Fond湖附近,下Crosatie垭口的路上去世的运动员的身份 。运动员姓名是YANG YUAN , 号码1040,1970年出生的中国国籍选手。事故是由于运动员摔倒受头部撞伤去世。

Tor des Géants®巨人之旅举办方已经跟运动员报名时指定的紧急联系人取得联系,紧急联系人已经在前往奥斯塔的路上。