Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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New regulations: the awareness of the trail running's difficulties

Mon, 13/05/2019 - 16:30 -- motta.erica

Facing a hike or a training on the mountains autonomously requires accurate preparation and planning. It is necessary to check the weather forecast and to be equipped accordingly, aware that weather may change quickly, and to carry, in addition to appropriate clothing, water and food supplies proportionate to the length and the distance of the journey.

It is within this context of self-awareness that regulations changed for the races of TOR X, with important modifications for what concerns mandatory equipment and equipment required to complete the race safely.

Runners must decide to take with them in the backpack or leave in the TOR bag, as consequence of their own evaluations or obligations by the Race Director, the equipment necessary to face safely the upcoming section of the route. Nevertheless, in particular conditions (bad weather, technical difficulties, etc..) Race Marshals can check the equipment and, in accordance with the Race Director, ask the runners to equip themselves with the required material or, as a last resort, to stop them.

Assessed the weather conditions and the route stretch, at the Life Base (every 50 km circa), where the TOR bag is available, runners have to pack their equipment. In extreme cases, at the control and refreshment points (where personal assistance is tolerated), runners may, thanks to their assistants, receive additional clothes, shoes and food supplies.

Different situation for Tor des Glaciers which, due to its extreme nature in almost total autonomy, requires runners to carry for the entire race GPS navigator, maps of the route, altimeter and compass to follow the path.

Modifications are based on the concept of semi self-sufficiency that characterizes races by VDA Trailers: organisation provides a security net, within which runner must be able to move resolving and managing autonomously tough situations that may occur, because of psychophysical conditions and meteorological changes. The role of the organisation is NOT to help a runner to face normal problems during a hike: in a long distance mountain running race the security depends at first by the ability to self-manage, even in extreme situations, day and night.

An adequate athletic preparation, but also mental and organizational, is therefore the basis for the success of one of the TOR X trails.

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