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Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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Patrick Bohard and Sonia Locatelli first in Valgrisenche

Sun, 13/09/2015 - 19:24 -- Visitatore (not verified)

Luck is with the brave. At least for now.

After a start at 10 am under an heavy rain, low clouds and a not so bright weather in sight, the 760 runners found in La Thuile, 17 km after, some rays of sun. Clouds went high and so it was no trouble for the first runners to go up and down from Col de la Crosatie; in fact, there was no need to go for plan B and change the “normal” path of Tor.

At the check point of La Thuile the first two withdrawals: bibs number 988 and 989. In La Joux, just before going up to Deffeyes, Christophe Le Saux took the head of the race, while Lisa Borzani was the first woman with no big effort. In the next few km of up and down the head of the race experienced some changes.

In Valgrisenche, first life basis at 48,6 km from the start, among a great number of people, Patrick Bohard was the first runner to check- in at 5.30 pm. Just the time to change clothes, with his assistance, in a scene that seemed to be pretty common for them. Four minutes later, it was time for Gianluca Galeati: smiling and quiet, he even found time for some short interviews. In third place Dan Doherty, three minutes later: without any assistance, he immediately managed to eat something. Christophe Le Saux was in 4th position at 5.40 pm. Bohard left Valgrisenche a at 5.41pm with Le Saux yelling and smiling: “ Patrick wait for me!”. The 51 years old from Au Chauffaud, Villers Le Lac, just didn’t pay him attention and continued his long journey. It was then time for Pablo Criado and Peter Kienzl ( 27th in La Thuile). In 7th place, Matteo Pigoni, athlete from Lambrusco.

As far as women are concerned, up at Col de La Crosatie women were close one to each other and in this posi- tions: Denise Zimmermann ( Swiss), Sonia Locatelli and Lisa Borzani. Down at the life basis of Valgrisenche something changed. In first position, with a huge support of the whole crowd, Sonia Locatelli, at 6.32 pm. Denise Zimmermann followed her six minutes later: a little bit tired in her legs, she said, due, maybe, to the recent 3rd position in Utmb ( or maybe remembering that last year that leg was bitten from a dog...thing that did not stop her to get the 3rd place in the women ranking). Lisa Borzani, from Padova, arrived quickly in 3rd position and went in for a brief rest at 6.42.


Pics: Patrick Bohard, first in the overall ranking, at his entrance in Valgrisenche.