Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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Registration for Tor des Géants® closed; those for Tot Dret on the finish line

Thu, 20/04/2017 - 12:00 -- Chiara Jaccod

Completely closed the registrations for Tor des Géants® 2017, eighth edition, with the definitive participation of 755 people. To which will be added, in the coming days, those international competitors - Italian and foreign - invited directly by the organization, as foreseen by the regulation.
So no more repêchages and rendez-vous for everyone at the starting line of Courmayeur the 10th of September, with 330 km ahead and 24,000m of meters of ascent to be overcome.

On the other side, you still have a few days to register to Tot Dret, first edition, the closing of registrations is fixed on April 30, 2017. The Tot Dret is a high altitude race between the most beautiful landscapes of the Alps, a race of 130 kilometers with 12 thousand meters of ascent.
Departure from Gressoney on September 13th and arrival in Courmayeur after a maximum time limit of 38 hours.  A "straight up" (with challenging climbs up like the magical "Colle del Malatrà") that will follow the same track of Tor des Géants®. 
An opportunity that can't be missed for anyone who wants to establish himself or herself in a “brief” endurance trail race, as a step towards more intensive races!

So there are ten days available to join (via at the new VDA Trailers race, able to give emotions, broadcast sports and solidarity stories, make new friends.

"We thought it was more appropriate to close at the end of the month, and in any case with a maximum roof of 450 trailers” said the organizers from VDA Trailers, because at the beginning the race had a wider participation limit. "To better coordinate the already immense work of volunteers, technicians, security and rescue workers. We had to set a time limit for us to be able to arrange everything in the best way and to do some “practice”, since Tot Dret is at its first edition.  Moreover, the 450 trailers will already create a good organizational movement and at the same time enrich the great week of the International Endurance Trail (at Tot Dret are currently registered representatives of 17 countries). We remind you that the arrivals of the athletes of this 130 kilometers’ track will be mixed with the arrivals of more than 750 competitors of Tor des Géants®, so there will be a great party at Courmayeur's finish line. "

Between these two races, different but united by “intentions”, paths, structures and solidarity, there is also a passage of athletes. "Pablo Criado, for example, who in the past has often frequented the podium of Tor des Géants®, will start this year at Tot Dret. He will do this to accompany a journalist friend, who had signed up before him with the intent of making a reportage. Maybe we will see it as an actor ... The Spanish athlete again shows his attachment to our races and to Aosta Valley, where he feel like at home. To emphasize this affection, which is largely reciprocated, Pablo will also be on the track of 170 km of the new spring race, Tor des Châteaux, also at the first edition and entirely innovative in the formula, from 12 to 14 of May “.