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A task force of guardian angels

Fri, 14/09/2018 - 15:44 -- motta.erica
Triple work, compared to the past editions of the TOR, for the tireless team of doctors, nurses, masseurs and physiotherapists - 120 professionals in all including some French - led by Dr. Marco Patacchini. Numerous the ailments of competitors, especially at the foot, and "the fault" should be attributed mainly to the heat, recorded sometimes even at high altitude.
"The heat is slowing down," said Dr. Patacchini, "and as a result the feet remain compressed in the shoes longer. Then you sweat the rest ".
Patacchini and his team also practiced massages and preventive bandages to different competitors before departure and these, of course, fared much better than those who had not been able to use them. "Yes, they found themselves so well that, at every life base, they asked us to redo the massages and replace the bandages, and this has increased even more the number of our interventions. The most frequent drawback was that of the blisters, so much so that our staff, distributed in all six life bases and on arrival, had to ask three times for the reinstatement of the specific material. To give an idea, we have consumed up to now, two days after the end of the TOR, a kilometer and a half of bladder tapes. This too, if we want, is a record ".