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Tor is also solidarity: Emergency

Fri, 18/08/2017 - 10:08 -- Chiara Jaccod

Another beneficiary of a part of the total amount derived from the solidarity bibs is Emergency. VDA Trailers will support the mobile medical clinics - Polibus e Politruck - operating in excluded  Italian areas, including the suburbs of the big cities, and into the areas affected by natural disasters , as, for months, the center of Italy. Health Centers to which more and more Italian people turn to healthcare and assistance. To know more:

“We are glad to be able to support”, said the VDA Trailers, “both an active local situation able to involve also outside the Aosta Valley,Tutti uniti per Ylenia, both an established international organization, Emergency, especially in it’s interventions in Italy. In a certain way the mobile medical clinics remind us our live bases, also if the framework is completely different. We’re extremely grateful to the runners that have bought the solidarity bibs in record time, another example that the solidarity, among the people usually deals with the difficulties up to the mountains, also if in our case in sport terms, is really thoughtful “.