Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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Tor des Géants® told by the writer Simone Sarasso | DAY 0

Sun, 09/09/2018 - 10:39 -- motta.erica

Emotions are never the same

A wise man told me that every year begins again in the same way.
But it's never the same ...
I know that the sage was right, because what I feel tonight, I did not try it a year ago.
And I know that I will not try it next year.
Can you miss something that has not happened yet?
Because that's exactly what I have here, in my heart, now. A handful of hours at the start. Silence and darkness and stars out there from the window: languor, nostalgia, honey in the veins for what is about to happen.
Going back to Courmayeur is like collecting deja vu: I walk through the streets and see the places that made me excited. The presentation of the top runners, the music that breaks your soul and the looks full of waiting, smiles and tension.
This is where it starts, even before starting. This is where it will end in seven days. And in seven days, once again, nothing will ever be the same ...
A year ago I left for a trip of which I did not know anything. I have accepted to lead me along the high streets, to walk with the heroes who challenge the giants.
A year ago I fell in love.
Della Valle, of this magnificent challenge, of heroes in sticks, trail and front shoes, of the wonderful people who are the TOR's soul.
I smiled, sweaty, shivered and dreamed of milling kilometers.
A year ago I fell in love, and that love took root: I ran, and walked a mountain with beautiful friends known on the paths.
For twelve months I wrote, imagined, thought and fantasized.
The TOR ...

God, what a journey: this magical folly that mobilizes thousands of volunteers, athletes, families, fans, dreamers.
I, scribbler of the city, for the TOR I took a crush. But dry, eh.
Falling in love has changed into love with a capital.
And he took me in search of a difference in height.
Summer and winter.
Twelve months have passed. And the fire of that passion has not died out.
The fire broke out.
And now I'm ready to leave.
On the trail of those who dare to imagine the impossible. Because nothing is really impossible, after all.
Thank you, TOR DES GÉANTS®.
Thanks to Alessandra, Franco, Ettore, Lisa, Paolo, Benny and to all those who, more or less consciously, have nurtured the dream.
From tomorrow I'll be around.
On the TOR trails, day and night.
Not with a breastplate on, but with paper, pen and eyes wide open.
I will walk, notebook in hand, and will gather ideas, emotions, memories and images of this unique journey.
I will tell the story of who knows that dreams
they are the best fuel to climb the mountains.
Every day, after facing stones, dust and difference in height, I will fix my impressions line by line.
Trying to give back, probably without success, what the TOR will give me day after day.
From today we start: let me tell you the love I feel for the most beautiful race in the world.
See you on the high streets.
Good TOR everyone.