Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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TOR e Tot Dret | Female podium

Thu, 13/09/2018 - 14:43 -- motta.erica

Tor des Géants®

Silvia Ainhoa ​​Trigueros Garrote has a name almost as long as the Tor des Géants® and an indomitable character, typical of the Basques. She wanted to win the TOR.. And so it was, of course, from the first to the last of the 330 km of the route. Silvia, in fact, has always been at the head, always keeping a distance with her pursuers, who gradually diluted in tiredness and heat.
The Basque ultrarunner has closed his TOR with the time of 87 hours and 50 minutes, a full 10 hours less than last year, which had been 97 hours and 43 minutes and which made her earn the second place . Above all this year also arrived twelfth absolute, counting men and women. Better than that, she could not do.

Second and third classified the Italian Scilla Tonetti and the British Jamie Aarons, arrived at the finish line in Courmayeur eight hours later, around noon, with a time of 95 hours and 54 minutes.
For the Italian athlete of Samarate (Varese) a good step forward compared to the 108 hours of last year and also a step higher on the step of the podium of edition 2013, when she won the third place.
"Flying forward and up," said one of his fans on the sidelines, pointing out that Scilla has tattooed butterflies and flying birds on her legs.
Jamie has no visible tattoos, what she showed was great energy, which derives from her brilliant character and long international experience. Her curriculum is clear.

The recorded time of 95 hours and 54 minutes applied to both (so a second place with equal merit), because the two ultrarunners have crossed the finish line together, hand in hand.
"Until Malatrà, the last hill before the long descent towards the finish line, we had several times alternated in the head," said Scilla after the finish line; "Then once we got up there, at 3 thousand meters and with a beautiful sunny day ahead, we said: why do we not we chasing each other and get together?". Kind agreement, which only women can do.

Tot Dret

Other girls with a strong foot and a strong heart filled the Tot Dret podium in the night between 12 and 13 September, a 130-kilometer race with a night start at Gressoney Saint Jean. On the top step of the podium came the Venetian Francesca Pretto, already winner of the Trans d'Havet, at the finish in 26 hours and 38 minutes. Francesca also closed in fourth place overall. On the step number 2 Maria Elisabetta Lastri (12th in 30h59'33 "), ultrarunner Sienese, and, in third place, Alessandra Boifava (14th in 31h38'56"), Venetian as the winner.