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[Tor Risponde] Inscription in pairs

Tue, 05/02/2013 - 17:15 -- Visitatore (not verified)



The two competitors who want to enroll in pairs, they have to pre-register until February 14th.The pre-registration form is unique, so it is the same for single and in pairs sign.

If you want to register in pairs, the two competitors must fill the format one by one and specify in the box the choice to participate in combination with another competitor. After ticking "Yes", both of competitors have to put the name of the partner in the field. To conclude th pre-registration form, they have to pay €10 per person by a credit card. At the end, they will be treated as a single competitor for the official draw.


Official draw

The two competitors who enroll in pairs will arrive at the official draw as a single name. Once extracted, will finalize the registration individually, either by paying the fee of 400 euro on schedule by the regulation, by credit card.

At that point, the two competitors will be assigned a personal chest, the two become in effect two starters of the Tor des Géants.


Give up and withdraw

In case of cancellation by one of the two competitors before the race, the organization will give the free position according to official waiting list. The other competitor can take part at race even if he doesn’t have a partner.

During the Tor des Géants, the two competitors can make the race alone.  They are not obliged to make the race together. In this case, during the competition if one of them decide to retreat, the partner will be able to continue the race without interruptions.


Example | Giulio and Giorgia to the Tor des Géants!

Giulio and Giorgia wants to join as a couple third edition of the Tor des Géants.

Here's what to do:

1. Giulio and Giorgia have to sign up the pre-race registration, specifying who will participate in both modules in conjunction with the partner, who must specify the full name. the pre-registration will be concluded, if Giulio and Giorgia pay both 10 euro by credit card.

2. Giulio and Giorgia come as a single name to the official draw. If they were extracted, both of them become candidates for starters of the Tor des Géants.

3. Either Giulio and Giorgia must finalize their enrollment by paying the registration fee of € 400 by credit card.

4. Both the enrollment of Giulio and Giorgia is successful. The organization give them Both of them a personal bib. Giulio and Giorgia will be two independent competitors of the Tor des Géants.

5. If Giulio can not attend and give up before the event, the organization would assign her place according to the official waiting list. Giorgia could make her race, without any interruptions.

6. Giulio and Giorgia are at the start of Courmayeur To des Géants on 8th of September, 2013. Both of them can make your own race, without necessarily compete with the partner.

7. If Giulio decide to retire from the competition, Giorgia may continue her race.

8. At the end of the race, Giulio and Giorgia are both two finalists of the Tor des Géants! 


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