Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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TOR SURROUNDING The events taking place around and together with the Tor des Géants form a fascinating combination of sports, the local area, and its culture.

Tue, 17/11/2015 - 16:57 -- Chiara Jaccod

The Tor des Géants®, in addition to being one of the “toughest” endurance trails in the world, is famous for being one of the most moving experiences that a trail runner can encounter.

It is characterized not only by the length of the route - 330 km of trails with an ascent of 24,000 meters but most of all by the areas crossed, the people that can be met, and the adventures that can be experienced along the trails, which allow for a real union betweeen those who experience this competition as runners or spectators and the unique nature of the region of Valle d' Aosta.

The Tor Surrounding project developed by the Pillow Lab creative workshop for the Tor des Géants® race has explored new narratives in order to promote a unique event intimately linked with Valle d’Aosta, which, with its land, its inhabitants, and its culture, constitutes a unique feature of this competition.

Subsequently, the result of this project took life in the form of four videos, which specifically narrate the “Tor Sorrounding”, that is, what takes place around and together with the Tor des Geants® in a fascinating combination of sports, the area, and its culture.

Tor des Géants® 2015 - Surrounding Culture
The meeting between the Tor des Géants® and the culture of Valle d' Aosta, its sites, its traditions,

and the legacy left by the passage of ancient peoples on this land that connects Italy to Europe.

Tor Des Géants® 2015 - Surrounding Taste
The Tor des Géants® passes throught the places of origin of typical products of Valle d’Aosta.

Hard work is combined with the taste and aroma of the truly special food and wine of these valleys.


Tor Des Géants® 2015 - Surrounding Habitat

The meeting between the trail runners and unspoiled nature is the soul of the Tor des Géants® and what makes Valle d’Aosta unique. A moving habitat in spite of the difficult climatic conditions of this year's race.


Tor Des Géants® 2015 - Surrounding Trails

A network of trails left as a legacy by the inhabitants of these valleys long ago, which allow runners and tourists to pass by. The high-elevation arteries that make the great heart of Valle d' Aosta beat.