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Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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TOR130 - Tot Dret and TOR30 - Passage au Malatrà towards quota 500 runners

Wed, 06/03/2019 - 13:19 -- motta.erica

Open at noon on Friday 1st March, the registrations for the two longest races of the tenth anniversary of the Tor des Géants® continue at full speed and sail towards quota 500, the maximum limit of participants.

The TOR 130 - Tot Dret, which runs on a 130 km route with 12 thousand meters of elevation gain, has already reached on 6th March 389 members with 29 nations represented. The maximum quota of 500 registrations could be reached long before the deadline of 31st May, also taking into account that the finishers of the TOR130 - Tot Dret 2019 will earn the right to register for the Tor des Géants® 2020 without having to go through the draw, for a maximum of 200 seats.

On March 6th, the TOR30 - Passage au Malatrà had already abundantly broken through quota 400, favored by the fact of promising a unique experience in the face of a relatively minor effort compared to other challenging races. The thrill of overcoming the Col du Malatrà after the departure from Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses is reserved only for the first 500 registered, without drawing lots. The deadline for entries is August 31st.

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