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Tot Dret | Time barriers and maximum time changed

Mon, 09/04/2018 - 17:13 -- motta.erica

Important news for Tot Dret 2018:

  • Time barriers changed
  • Maximum time 44 hours
  • The deadline for registrations has been postponed to May 31th 2018

Diluted times but suitable for well trained and prepared trailers
There will be 500 admitted competitors, who will then have to face the 130 kilometers of the Alta via 1, with 12 thousand meters of positive difference in height, in the maximum time of 44 hours. Six more hours than last year, when bad weather and "tight" gates put strain on the athletes. Time barriers has then revised by calculating the average time of the last riders of the last edition, attesting for 2018 the average distance on the 3.02 KM/h for the slower passages. More diluted times but still suitable for well trained and prepared trailers.
(TDS ©, the most technical run of the UTMB® circuit, stands at 3.60 KM/h).

A tough but unique race for its beauty
Tot Dret,
however, remains a real, challenging, fascinating race, with the most sought-after mountains in the region - Monte Rosa, Cervino and Mont Blanc - to act as an attraction and a majestic setting. It starts from Gressoney Tuesday at 21.00 to reach Courmayeur by 17 on Thursday, September 13, welcomed all as winners. In just 130km you will cross 10 hills above 2500 meters, of which the highest is the Col Malatrà with its 2936 meters, and you travel for the most part over 2000 meters. A race thus implies a correct preparation not only physical but also strategic, therefore, adequate clothing, reserve food and all the compulsory material required by the regulation.

Time barriers 2018