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An uncertain race finish

Tue, 15/09/2015 - 21:12 -- Visitatore (not verified)

Tor lost today one of its main character, the Irish Dan Doherty, who withdrew on the path who went from Valtournenche to Rifugio Barmasse, around the 240 km. 

The withdrawal was due to a knee injury. The first in the ranking is always Patrick Bohard: no issues for him, he is just proceeding a little bit slower. 

After him, Masahiro Ono ( Japan) and Oscar Perez ( Spain) are speeding up and are gaining positions. Perez himself two years ago did a huge recovery and arrived in second position. 

Between them and the first, Gianluca Galeati who is now in a virtual third position on the podium when less then 100 km are left for him to the finish line. The arrival of the first is expected around the half morning of tomorrow: time of the race is around 2 hours more than last year. 

So, the podium is still uncertain: this end of the race is gonna be breathtaking!

In the women ranking Denise Zimmermann is always leading, now 13th in the overall ranking, followed from Lisa Borzani ( 20th overall) and then Marina Plavan.

Of course everything can still change: previews are of little value in a race like that. The weather forecast are talking about rain for tomorrow with snow above 2800 meters. 

Luckily just Col Malatrà is above this highness with its 2963 mt. 

Security men are already looking after Malatrà to make it safe for the arrival of the runners if snow should come.  

As far as the other part of the race is concerned, no big issues a part from some natural tiredness. Athletes seems to be for the most in great shape, sign of a good physical and mental preparation to the race. The medical equipe did not have much work today too: just two rescue on the paths for knee injuries or too much fatigue. Everyone was seen and released, included the Portuguese runner that two days ago had signs of hypothermia. 

So, everyone keep running. Eyes to the sky, eyes on the weather. As usual, on this edition of Tor.

Foto: PillowLab