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Who is Bosatelli?

Wed, 14/09/2016 - 21:38 -- Chiara Jaccod

Oliviero Bosatelli, the man even before the athlete

Oliviero Bosatelli and Nadia Bazzana. Perfect couple. Life couple and sport couple, in particular in the endurance trail, in effect she was his meticulous and dura assistant in all the life bases long the 330 km of the Tor des Géants® tracks. About her and with her is not easy to talk. Just some shiny tears, whereas him, at the arrival, enjoy the applauses and the friendship of his friends come from the Val Seriana, in Lombardy, and of all the people of Aosta Valley. “Nadia?”, a funny Oliviero say: “I’ve just be able to persuade her to take some photos for the marriage album”. Olviero “Bosa” Bosatelli, after the TDG “Popeye”, is a 47 years old fireman born in Gandino, on the Bergamo hills. Before participating and brilliant winning the Tor des Géants® he hasn’t running more “than 180 km” continuously. 

With what spirit you have come to the Tor?

With the spirit to test myself on a long distance never done before and to enjoy with the view of the marvelous mountains of the Aosta Valley. My goal was to end in the top ten, but after the bib giving ceremony my enthusiasm softened for the parterre of athletes present. There were strong athletes from who there is almo to learn”.

Instead since Cogne, after 106 km, you were lonely. Everybody after you until the end.

“yes, but I did nothing especial. I have just try to drum. I’ve always control the pulse and the walk for not to be too tired”.

How do you prepare for a so long competition?

“I have to be honest? I have download some tables for long trails distances on internet. And I have ask advices by some friends ultra runner. Of course a physical base to work on I got. I train up to the “home” mountains and of course my work doesn’t allow me to have a sedentary life. The work train me”. 

“And since an alimentary point of view?”

“No bars or supplementaries on long distances. I prefer to eat things that do not alterate my daily metabolism. So during the race I have eat the same as at home: pasta, rice, cheese, fruit, a beer sometimes. For breakfast milk, that also if for the others runner like to be enemy number one .. for me was absolutely ok!”.

A classic question: beautiful and ugly moments.

“Beautiful moments? Everything was beautiful: the landscapes and the people, the fans, the rivals, the inhabitants of the valley. The starling nights: because in Aosta Valley there are big area without environmental pollution. The beauty is given by the sensations, the emotions, in addition to the places. Ugly moments? None, just a weariness quite at the limit when I arrived at the Bertone, but I known that it was the last refuge ad since there started the steep descent until the finish line. I ate riz and cheese and I recharge the batteries. It was, I think, the longest pause”.

Concerning the pauses: for how long did you sleep?

“Sleep? Now are 13h30 of Wednesday and it’s since the last Saturday at 7h00 a.m.. It’s valid as a record?”.

Why not. But how you can go ahead?

“Some sugar and a lot of adrenaline in circles. Also now I’m not tired but I know if I don’t go to repose I’ll arrive on Sunday at the price giving with the crutches, for lactic acid”.

When did you understand to have the winner on your own?

“Well, when I arrived at the finishing line. I joke, I think about the victory when I know to have 4 hours of advantage on the others runners, also if the news has not calm me completely, because I know that Perez is an expert of come backs. After all to know that I had a certain detachment on the adversaries allowed me to concentrate to where I put my feet. Lost a competition because you don’t stumble the last kilometers … that It would have been a drama!.

You dedicate the victory to someone? 

“To a lot of people: my family, determining, my fellow countrymen, the Organization of this unique race, the people of Aosta Valley. Are you able to put everyone into your interview?”.