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World Environment Day

Fri, 05/06/2020 - 13:05 -- motta.erica
World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th, the 2020 theme is dedicated to the dramatic decline in the planet's biodiversity. For five years VDA Trailers ssdrl and the Erica Cooperative have been carrying out concrete actions to reduce the environmental impact of TORX with monitoring, research and field work.
Here are some key points of the EcoloTOR project:
  • Sustainable supplies according to a Green Procurement policy: supplies selected on the basis of less waste production, recyclability of waste and circularity in consumption and sustainability brands;
  • Management system focused on waste recycling: delivery of information material, garrison at all life bases to monitor and quantify waste;
  • Food waste prevention: actions to promote waste reduction and adherence to the Slow Food "Menu for Change" Campaign, experiments on traceability of the origin of waste with RFI technology;
  • Contrast to the littering phenomenon: a special section of Eco sweeper that supports the traditional  closing service, but aimed at cleaning the paths;
  • Mobility and sustainable energy: promotion of transition actions towards a greener mobility and energy consumption with a strong reduction of emissions into the atmosphere such as charging points for headlamps/GPS batteries, electric cars and shuttle service; 
  • Environmental monitoring and research: in 2020 research on the topic of microplastics in the Aosta Valley's glaciers will continue, this research already started in 2019 in collaboration with the University of Milan;
  • Courmayeur Charter: in 2019 VDA Trailers and AICA - International Association for Environmental Communication created and signed the "Charter for Sustainable Sports Events" or "Courmayeur Charter". which aims at a series of principles that promote a sports culture based on sustainability and circularity in the use of natural resources, to be taken into account when planning and managing sporting events.