Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016





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KRATOS is an italian Company.
From 30 years we working to safeguard the Health of the People and so promote their happiness.
We use super selected Natural Raw Material.
We never add technological adjuvants and never elements derived from industrial chemistry.
All those who work in KRATOS are very important, because they must love their work.
The knowledge to which we gleaned, for the fulfillment of our Products, originates from a very thorough study of Natural Medicine and from a continuous and very up to date research, in order to develop new and efficacy systems for the protection of Health.

To note that :
We are the only Company which produce Ayurvedic Medicine in western world.
Our Natural Medicine production is divided into different healing philosophies:
  Ayurvedic Medicine
  Anthroposophic Medicine
  Spagyria Medicine
  Natural Sport Supplements

We produce natural remedies able to aid with effecacy many pathologies.
Our Scientific Representatives update regularly: Physicians, Pharmacists, Therapists, Herbalists.
With Natural Medicine we also take care Athletes’s health.

    We are the only one Company which use the Nature and not the industrial chemistry, in this way we promote the Athlete’s health and its performance. Since 2006 We were the first to think of a Synergistic Supplement System coming to specify the products to be taken before, during and after the race, workout specific products, or maintenance. We work hard to teach Athletes to effectively nourish oneself in natural way, because anyway supplements comes after a good nutrition.
    to aid the sportsman more coherently we have developed a dedicated natural nutrition system. Nutrition is really the first step in order to obtain a good health. We prefer to cultivate in Italy because we have an ancient nutrition history that the whole world admires.
    the skin is our greatest sense organ and all that is deposited above it is absorbed and brought in depth, in the blood and lymphatic system. Is therefore logical how important it’s to use natural composition and food grade, as well as nutrition. Many are the products through for the  Athletes health, for example feet, muscles, joint etc