Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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LND and MARATONABILI amongst the GIANTS again this year

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 18:48 -- redazione-courmayeur


Maratonabili and LND Famiglie Italiane will be at this year's Tor des Géants - the most fascinating and
tough endurance-trail race in the world - once again participating with their smiles and their dreams.
The Valle d’Aosta region, the Municipalities involved and the whole organisation of the Tor des Géants 
have enthusiastically embraced the project for a joint team formed of representatives of the Maratonabili 
and of LND Famiglie Italiane (Federico Mazzuchi, Franco Zomer, Maurizio Monti and Federico Gilardi) to 
compete in the race.
This will be a challenge within the challenge, an opportunity for everyone to share their dreams; the 
team will set off pushing some wheelchairs along the very first part of the route to the leaving barrier 
at Courmayeur, then they will individually attempt the Tor des Géants (330 Km, 24000 m D+).
This is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of these two non-profit organisations whose missions 
and goals are different but that march to the same tune, or rather the same slogan - “Facciamo correre 
i sogni” (Let's race our dreams) - and work to bring joy and hope to the less fortunate.
The ingredients for the challenge are all there - a tough route, determined participants and truly 
magnificent horizons to conquer. Let's try to describe the event inside the event of 13 September: just 
being at the starting line of the Tor alongside phenomenal athletes is a WIN, particularly for the young 
people in wheelchairs suffering from Lesch-Nyhan disease, ( an extremely rare, insidious 
genetic disorder that strikes at a very early age and inhibits children's movement, meaning they can't walk 
or talk. It affects their health and sufferers have an over-production of uric acid that can cause severe 
kidney problems; they also have serious neurological issues that forcibly trigger behavioural disorders, so 
most of them require preventive restraints day and night. And yet here they are, bringing with them their 
smiles and their dreams, ready to take up the challenge, to fight against the diagnosis of an impossible life.
It's also a win for the Maratonabili, (, young people in wheelchairs, or “pushers” 
who have participated in minor and major races for many years now, demonstrating that disability is not a 
world apart but a part of the world.
It is a win for the families of the LND sufferers, who have travelled to Val d’Aosta from Liguria, Lombardy, 
Piedmont and Tuscany to represent the Italy-wide, often isolated families, but closely tied by their 
solidarity and mutual affection as well as the European Federation LND 
( that groups together Spanish, French, English, German, Swiss 
and Austrian families and associations, for the toughest challenge, to drive scientific research towards 
understanding this disease, for which there is still no treatment, and to win that even tougher race.
Thanks to everyone who will demonstrate again this year that being RARE doesn't mean being ALONE, 
by visiting our stand and helping support research with your contribution, also through our legendary