Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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In the spirit of the TOR des Géants®
There is no better opportunity than TOR des Géants® to test endurance, power and willpower. Athletes reach their limits in the shadow of the highest mountains in Europe and test their limits every day.
Athletes, organizers and volunteers measure their limits, break records and draw new boundaries.

This is exactly where the spirit of NORTEC lives!
NORTEC is a leading company and pioneer in the development and production of micro crampons designed specifically for alpines and trail tunning. We have redefined equipment and materials for winter mountain running. Design, material selection and processing of each NORTEC product must meet the parameters of lightness, safety and technology.

The home of the TOR is also the origin of NORTEC!
NORTEC: Made in Italy!
NORTEC developed out of the successful history of the Italian brand Turtles.
Not only the TOR des Géants® as a unique competition in the world, but also the Valle d'Aosta with its magnificent views and its fantastic peaks offers a wonderful opportunity to present NORTEC in its land.
NORTEC develops and produces in Italy, using high quality materials, innovative technologies and the typical know-how of Italian workshops!
The "Engineered with Athletes" pay off represents the essence of close collaboration with athletes and professionals of all mountain running disciplines. These key factors underpin the company's success and the guarantee that the NORTEC brand represents.

NORTEC MICRO CRAMPONS: for highest performance and safety in running
Our range of high-tech micro crampons is designed with professional athletes for all those who want to practice winter running like professionals. Trail running, alpine and winter running as endurance disciplines are no longer disciplines for professionals only! The NORTEC product range shortly: alpine and winter running WITH MAXIMUM COMFORT AND IN PERFECT SAFETY WITHOUT LIMITATIONS FOR MATERIALS OR WEATHER.

Franco Collé - the NORTEC „giant“
In 2016 was born the collaboration and friendship with Franco, professional engineer and trail runner born in Valle d'Aosta. We are proud to count on its support and experience in the research and development of our products.
The forty-year-old engineer from Valle d'Aosta won his second TOR in 2018, reaching the finish line in 74 hours and 3 minute.
In 2014 he finished the race with a time of 71 hours and 49 minutes.

Also Giuditta "Giudy" Turini, Franco's live partner, will participate in the TOR X with the ambition to get on the podium and why not, on the highest step of the podium! It will be an honor for us to see the "crazypink" headband up there.

And we also look forward to our first participation as a TOR sponsor. We'll be rooting for everyone!
We will wait for you on the finish line !

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