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About disqualification and sport ethic

Thu, 19/03/2015 - 20:47 -- Visitatore (not verified)

Endurance Trail is, for its own nature, a sport practice which requires the most ethical sense, truly sportive spirit, unconditionated solidariety, respect of the rules. Rules which are setted to garantee safety for anyone who take part in a competition which garantees equal chance for everyone.
Taking part in Tor des Géants is not mandatory, it is a choice and and the rules written above are not an optional for a runner, but more something like a life style.
Probably, this all premise is unnecessary for the most of runners, but it became unavoidable for the athletes ( word, that, is maybe not the right one ) that cheated on the 2015 registration..well, they got caught.
What happened? Without entering in technical details, some people managed to change datas and personal accounts in order to give their elegibility to the race to some others that had not been admitted. Caught by our organization, both the giver and the receiver have been immediately disqualified: they are 13 couple of people, coming from the anglosaxon trail world. We are currently sending them comunications of their disqualifies, so there is no point in publishing their names right now. Their places for the race, according to the rules of the race, will be taken by athletes coming from their same Country on the waiting list.
We are always very sorry when it comes to disqualify someone but, firmly, we would like to underline that rules, even if they can always be better made or thought, are needed in order to garantee safety, regularity of the event and in order to put everyone in the same starting condition, for a competition filled of solidariety and friendship.
We are even more sorry that this all case is coming from runners from a country that is often taken as an example of sport ethics. We are, anyway, certain that this decision will help improving everyone involved. Us in the first place, the trail world and, why not, also the disqualified runners.