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Explanations about the Indonesian "trailer"

Fri, 15/09/2017 - 13:05 -- Chiara Jaccod

Ansa di Torino publishes today a press release, also published by other newspapers, about a 25-year-old Indonesian "trailer" hospitalized for severe hypotermia and cardiac arrhythmia at the Le Molinette Hospital in Turin.

In the title of the news it is indicated that "The young man wanted to participate at Tor des Géants". In the text then it is specified that "he was not a competitor of the Ultra Trail, but at the beginning of the week, he decided to to start. " The "trailer", as it has been defined, "has been found in an area that is not covered by the race tracks”.

Direction of Tor des Géants® specifies that:

- There is no registration or pre-registration made by this young Indonesian to participate in any race organized by VDA Trailers.

- The hiker was found in Val Veny - not far from the French border - in a remote area many kilometers from the Tor’s track.

- The Indonesian young man was recovered from Tor's rescue service as his manager Oscar Taiola, Alpine Guide and Alpine Assistant of Courmayeur Captain and Luca Cavoretto, head of the Struttura Semplice di Emergenza Territoriale e Centrale Operativa del 118, received the alert and immediately activated the rescue.