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Lionel Trivel beats the french record of the competition

Wed, 11/09/2013 - 17:29 -- Visitatore (not verified)

This morning we had two Spanish and one Italian on the podium, this afternoon was the moment of the French. At 15.19 arrived Lionel Trivel , fourth in the total ranking, at 17.04 passed his friend and fellow countryman Patrick Boahard ,arriving fifth. Record time for Trivel-, 77h e 2’ 54’’, the best " french" time ever at the Tor des Geants®. Right after the two Frenchmen, arrives another Italian: Marco Zanchi who has passed the refuge Bonatti at 16.25.

Then we have the Japanese Masahiro Ono, the American Nickademus Hollon and the Italian Giuseppe Grange , they all have passed Bosses. In this moment 12 th and first woman,  Francesca Canepa , who left at 13.22 the base of Ollomont. 50 minutes of delay for Nerea Martinez Emanuela Tonetti and Giuliana Arrigoni are more at a distance. The arrival of the first women is expected tonight or in the early morning hours.

252 the actual number of withdrawals.