Tor des Geants® - Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 - TOR30

Endurance Trail 450, 330, 130 e 30km 10-219 September 2021





Mon, 27/02/2017 - 12:00 -- Chiara Jaccod

Two necessary clarifications to explain what is indicated by some pre enrolled to the Tor des Géants® 2017.

In relation to the coefficients:

- the coefficients are included to reward the loyalty of those who were enrolled in two consecutive previous editions of the Tor without being have never been chosen or recovered from the waiting list. Consecutive editions means 2015/2016/2017 or 2016/2017, and not, as someone has played, two past editions but spaced between them (2015 and 2017).

In relation to the profiles:

- some competitors are pre enrolled changing their profile compared to the past. Of course the computer system didn't “recognized", considering them as registered for the first time. In this case it was not possible to apply any coefficient. Many have been the invitations to the subscribers already present in previous editions of checking their profile.

Also, are not considered among the successors to the coefficient, while those who entered in the list of runners of the 2016 edition, they didn't then actually enrolled. Every runner can check the status of their previous entries on the personal profile.