Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




The Deffeyes hut

“Blossom and the glacier
still white with snow, in July”

Altitude: 2500 m
Address: Laghi del Rutor, 11016 LA THUILE
Opening period: 16 June – 9 September
Contact:  0165 884239 / + 39 349 4905603

Hut Manager: Sergio Pestarino

“I have been managing the hut since 1989 and, after having lived high up in the mountains of Lombardia and Trentino, in 2002 I moved to the Aosta Valley. It’s hard to find another place as spectacular: here July is the most beautiful month, with the valleys in bloom and the imposing Rutor glacier still white with snow”. Sergio, 55, looks after the alpine station alone, offering hospitality to hikers during the summer season, whilst in winter he enjoys all the relaxation of the Aosta Valley’s peaks, dedicating himself to climbing or treating himself to holidays with his family.

The hut

Albert Deffeyes was one of the principles supporters of the independence of the Aosta Valley: and not only the hut, but also the Piazza of the Regional Aosta Palace have been dedicated to his name. The hut, oasis among the ice, was destroyed during the Second World War, to take away a possible secure base from the partisans. Formerly it was called Santa Margherita, like the small church which overlooks the valley, from 1600.
It’s hard not to boast about the panorama which this place offers, treating the viewer to an unforgettable glimpse of the pyramid silhouette of the Grand Assaly and an unbroken view of the icy mass of the Rutor.
To the delight of hikers, this place is the departure point for many exciting itineraries. The manager recommends a hike to the Passo Alto, returning by way of Valle Sospesa, the path which takes you to the majestic cascades of the Rutor and the Lakes of Bella Comba.


During your stay at the Deffeyes hut you will be able to taste many typical mountain dishes, such as lard and chestnuts, mushroom pasta, white polenta and delicious grilled meat and mixed cheese types.

Dates and ideas for summer 2012:

  • 2 September: Holy Mass of San Grato and Santa Margherita
  • 27 August - 2 September: it is possible to stop off at Deffeys during La Petite Trotte à Leon, the most extensive tour of Mont Blanc, a non-competitive race which goes off the beaten tracks and is undertaken completely independently by teams linked to one another and made up of between 2 or 3 participants.