Tor des Geants

Endurance Trail 330 km - 24000m D+11-18 September 2016




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Rifugio Champillon - Saint Rhémy en Bosses

Dati percorso: 
km 16,7 km progr. 310,2 D+ 948 m D- 1856 m

From the refuge, the trail leads with various hairpin bends up to Col Champillon (2709 m). The first part of the descent from the hill is a steep slope up to the Crou de Bleintse pasture, from where the diagonal path to the right leads to the Ponteilles Damon (2046 m) pasture. Descending the last stretch between the meadows you reach Ponteilles Desot (1807 m). Refreshment and control point.
From the houses of Ponteilles Desot, take the dirt road to the right and cross the bridge over the stream. From the third hairpin bend the trail leads to the Plan Bois mountain pasture (1893 m). To the left of the houses, a long flat path leads into the woods which leads to Essanaz (1820 m) following an aqueduct of the aqueduct. From here a dirt road leads to the village of Saint Rhemy (1621 m). From the village cross the bridge and, after about 100 meters of dirt road, take the path that leads to the village of Laval (1624 m). Follow the asphalt road passing through the villages of Couchepache and Mottes. Refreshment and control point.

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