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“Montura&Trail”: two evenings that will make you discover the universe of trail

Fri, 12/07/2013 - 10:48 -- Visitatore (not verified)

There's a whole world turning around trail running, a sport becoming more and more attractive for mountain lovers. The Tor des Géants® is one of the biggest events celebrating this sassion, simply being the essence of it: the respect for nature and other concurrents, the passion for challenge and mountains. A philosophy strongly felt by Montura, main sponsor of this event since 2012. Montura is organizing “Montura&Trail”, two events dedicated to this discipline on 18 and 23 July in collaboration with Alpstation of Schio and Isera. Montura and Alpstation will offer an insight vision at the world of trail with never seen videos, spectacular images of the Tor des Géants® 2012, taken by Luca Benedet. There will be outstanding guests, all of them protagonists of former editions of the Tor des Géants®: Francesca Canepa (a Montura athlete), native from the Aostavalley and winner of the Tor des Géants® and the Trans d’Havet in 2012 , Marco Zanchi, member of the Italian National Trial Team and Flavio del Bosco, participant of the Tor des Géants® 2012. Also there will be present the members of the”Alpstation Trail Team”, the new team sponsored by Alpstation, the organizer of Trans d’Havet, the association VDA Trailers, organizers of the Tor des Géants® and the Aostavalley Autonomous Region. The idea to create such an event entirely dedicated to trail was born from the need to pass on the commitment of Montura and Alpstation in that discipline,in those involved athletes which make the existence of events like theTor Des Géants® and the Trans d’Havet possible.
The event will be presented by Maurizio Torri and Carlo Ceola.
“Montura&Trail” | Alpstation Schio | 18 July 2013, 18.30
Via Lazio 1, 36015 Schio (VI)
“Montura&Trail” | Alpstation Isera | 23 July 2013, 18.30
Loc. Le Fosse 2, 38060 Isera (TN)