Tor des Geants® - Tor des Glaciers - TOR130 - TOR30

Endurance Trail 450, 330, 130 e 30km 10-219 September 2021





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Where can I consult the complete program of the TORX®?
On the official website of the race at this link:

When and where will the pre-race briefing take place?
TOR 450. Friday, September 10 at 14 at the Jardin de l'Ange
TOR 330. The traditional Saturday evening briefing/pasta party cannot be held. Competitors will then receive, by email, on the site and via TELEGRAM (channel TORX® soon online) a well detailed message on the eve of the race. The information will then be repeated on the starting line.
TOR130 and TOR30 on the starting line.
We remind everyone to subscribe to the TELEGRAM channel Meteo VDA to receive timely updates on the weather conditions along the route.

What will be the modalities of the bib delivery?
The times and places are consulted in the program published on the official website
To access the areas competitor must show the Green Pass that certifies:
- negative buffering not earlier than 48 hours before the invitation to tender
-vaccination programme or first dose inoculated at least 15 days prior to the race
- immunity, recovery not more than six months

When the bibs are delivered, will the equipment be checked?
No. Checks will be carried out on the route by the Commissioners of the race.

What can I put in the TOR bag?
Everything you think you need during the race, the reccomended equipment and the sleeping bag but avoiding fragile or sharp objects. The bags of the TOR450, TOR330 and TOR130 will be transported along the way by the organization and you will find them at every base of life. In case of withdrawal the bags are transported to Courmayeur.  The competitors of the TOR30 will be provided with a plastic bag in which to store the heavy clothing worn before departure and which will then be transported to the base of life of Courmayeur.

Where can I find maps and tracks . gpx of the route?
Find everything you need in the download area of the official website:

How will the departure of the TOR330 take place?
Sunday, September 12 two departures staggered at 10 am and 12 am, from Viale Monte Bianco as usual. You will need to enter the starting fence at least an hour before the start. The division between the first and the second group will be by number of bib and will be communicated to athletes in due time.

Where will the awards ceremony be held?
Unlike usual awards will take place on Sunday, September 19 at 11 am at the park Bollino in Courmayeur.

Who should be in possession of the Green Pass?
In Italy from August 6 the Green Pass is mandatory to participate in sporting events and competitions. In addition to the competitors, the Green Pass will be mandatory for Volontor, for the organizers, for the collaborators of the race and for the athletes' companions.

How will access to living bases and refreshments points be regulated?
Only runners and service staff will have access to the bases of life and refreshments points. The assistant with badges bearing the number of the race bib of the competitor and Green Pass can meet and give assistance (shoes/ clothing, equipment, food) in the places at the bases of life, specifically dedicated to this purpose. The stay of the assistant within the dedicated areas is allowed only in conjunction with the runner.

At the refreshments points assistance is tolerated outside the area reserved for runners, the assistant cannot access the refreshments points and enter the refuges.
Remember that the assistant can give support to the runner by providing equipment, clothing, spare shoes and additional food and water supplies.
Forbidden, under penalty of disqualification of the runner:

  • provide medical or paramedical assistance
  • sleep in a camper/car (runners)
  • the accompaniment on the path (also on foot)

Are there any new provisions for overnight stays in life bases?
Yes. For greater health security competitors will have to equip themselves with sleeping bag that will store in the personal yellow bag. There will be no blankets made available by the organization. 

Is it possible to sleep in shelters along the way?
TOR330: NO. Due to COVID restrictions you will not be able to sleep outside of life bases. Beds will be guaranteed only for proven health needs.
TOR450: Yes

How can I reach the starting points of the TOR130 and TOR30?
A shuttle service will be available - free of charge for runners and for accompanying persons  - to reach Gressoney Saint Jean (departure of TOR130)  and Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses (departure of TOR30). Runners will receive a form for booking via email.

How am I gonna get my photos of the race?
Along the way there will be official photographers dedicated to this service. At the end of the race it will be possible, via the app PICA or on the website, to look and buy your own photos. The system works through pectoral recognition, so it is important that this is always positioned in a visible position.

I will not be able to participate in the TORX Covid cause. Can I move the registration to 2022?
No, it is not possible. Please check the refund procedure in paragraph 9 of the tender rules: