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TDG, record of flow on the web

Tue, 11/09/2012 - 17:53 -- Visitatore (not verified)


It should be noted heavy traffic on the website : more than 60,000 visits are recorded in one day yesterday, Monday, September 10, the second day of competition. The site of the endurance trail toughest in the world, was taken literally assaulted by the people on the network. A veritable explosion of contacts for an epic race where the maximum number of members is about 600 athletes. The frequency of these visits was physically knocked the display system of timing: to satisfy the curiosity of the online community we thought the official social channels Tor des Giants and the new and emotional website. Many impressions on the race came directly from the web community, which largely had already spread in the early hours of dawn all the way to incite the giants. It is this large turnout on social networks has led to break through the roof of the 4000 fan page on Facebook: almost 1300 people in just two days have landed on the fan page and immediately began to interact with the community. Also on the Twitter profile traffic is "congested" from 750 followers on Sunday, the profile has already reached and exceeded the barrier of 1000, for a total capacity of over 124,000 views of contacts.

Unexpected success also to du Instagram Contest, which in the first 4 days of competition has already collected more than 150 photos instagrammate path. Sunday, during the award ceremony of the race, but the announcement of the winners of the competition.